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THE 7th

"Help me create a grassroots movement to bring faith, trust, and sincerity to the NJ Assembly."


Leader. Educator. Unifier.

Standing up to the bullies & fighting for the forgotten.

A minister, a teacher, and a veteran, Dr. Curtis Green has spent his entire life standing up to the bullies, fighting for the forgotten, and creating new and better ways forward for the people of New Jersey.


Now, Dr. Green wants to take that fight to the New Jersey State Assembly.

The people of New Jersey's third legislative district have a clear choice in 2025 — yesterday or tomorrow.


On behalf of every New Jerseyan yearning for character, competence, and integrity in the NJ Assembly, we say yes to tomorrow.


Dr. Green wants to collaborate with us to write New Jersey's next chapter, one in which no family is unheard, unseen, or unloved.

We're asking you to invest in that noble mission today.




Minister Democrats


A man humbled and educated by his mother in faith, Rev. Curtis serves as a minister with the Assemblies of God and a chaplain with the Mount Laurel Police Department.



Rev. Green has been married to his beloved wife Tia for 29 years and is the proud father of three children. He credits his mother for teaching him his faith and his father — a New Jersey Transit worker — for teaching him the value of hard work.

Service, Army Veteran, Police Chaplain


An unapologetic patriot, Rev. Green is no stranger to public service. He is a proud United States Army Reserve veteran and an elected board member of the Mt. Laurel Board of Education. 

Educator, Teacher


As a college professor, high school administrator, and now a classroom teacher, Rev. Green has been an educator for over twenty years. In addition to service on the Mt. Laurel Board of Education, he is currently a high school classroom teacher.

My Story

Rev. Dr. Curtis Green was raised in Teaneck, NJ, in a working-class family with both parents and his brother and sister. Curtis learned the meaning of honest hard work by watching his father work for NJ Transit for over 35 years. He learned his faith from his mother, the first African American female ordained as a Baptist minister in NJ. This work ethic has been instilled in his life. Curtis has developed into a progressive leader who has spent his life encouraging everyone to elevate their perspectives and work for a better future. Curtis is a veteran of the US Army Reserve, husband to Tia of 29 years, and father to his three children. He has been an educator for over twenty years as a college professor, high school administrator, two sports coach, and classroom teacher. He is currently a high school teacher in Lakewood and a Mount Laurel School board member.


Dr. Green holds a bachelor’s degree in communication arts from Thomas Edison University. He also has three master’s degrees, one in Film Production from New York Institute of Technology, another in Cinema Studies from New York University, and a third in Practical Theology from Southwestern Assemblies of God University. He also has a doctorate in Educational leadership from Liberty University. Reverend Green is a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God and a Chaplain with the Mount Laurel police department.

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My Story

Issues I am most passionate about

School Safety
Gun Control
Healthcare for All
Tuition-Free Community College

Teacher and paraprofessional desirve higher livable salary. Eliminate standardized testing because students aren’t standardized, so neither should their tests be.

Gun Control

As a State, we must do better to keep guns or of the hands of people who pose a threat to our communities by creating stricter gun laws.

School Safety

Students must feel safe in school by providing every school with a designated SRO or Class III officer.

Healthcare for All

We must continue to fight to lower prescription drug costs and ensure every New Jerseyan has adequate health coverage.

Tuition-Free Community College

Every HS graduate should have a chance at higher education by giving them a two-year head-start. Also, it creates a greater success rate at a four-year college by adjusting student loan allotment and requiring colleges to drop standardized admissions testing.  


Equality Meets Opportunity

“We need competing voices and not accept the establishment because we are comfortable with it or because it's familiar.  – Change requires change, and sometimes we must stir up the waters.”  

Rev. Curtis A. Green



All People. No Corporations. 

While most politicians — including my opponents — are funded by the ultrawealthy, my campaign relies completely on the generosity of everyday people like you. Help drive us to victory in 2025.

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